3rd Album「MOVE ON」

July 27,2018 Release


1, Brave New World
2, Who is the Blues?
3, Love Song
4, My Home Town
5, まっすぐに
6, Places of Memory
7, Just the two of us
8, How do you know what Love is?
9, Nobody knows you...
10, Whip it up

2nd Album「Sing On The Road」

October 2,2013 Release


1, Everybody's Doing it!!!
2, Hey Baby
3, Just Call To Me
4, 見えなくても感じられる
5, Time To Make The Time
6, Sing On The Road
7, All That I Love
8, レミニセンス
9, Treasure Map
10, Wonder Of Wonders~輝けるもの(feat.SLY&ROBBIE)
11, Here's To Your Future
12, It's Up To Me

2013Bonus Tracks
13, Wonder Of Wonders~Reborn version~
14, Sing On The Road(Japanese Edition)

1st Album「I'll be good to you」

December 10,2012 Release

1, I'll be good to you

2, My love is for you
3, A love from bottom of my heart(English)
4, I'm a waitress
5, Song of love
6, Got to give it up
7, In a quiet night
9, Just singing to you
10, A love from bottom of my heart(Japanese)
11, Only when you're there

Bonus Track-New Recording2012~
12, Wonder Of Wonders(Acoustic version)
13, I'll be good to you(2012version)